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Is love jihad a new political saga?

Updated: Feb 17

People, personalities, globally acclaimed talents have come forward from a variety of fields and stages proving a cliché “Love Has No Boundaries.” From noble peace prize winners, scientists, filmmakers, actors, directors, journalists following the commoners who have worked and decided to go out of their societal norms to marry and file for somebody they thought would make them feel fulfilled despite their religious or ethnic differences.

Scenario Prior To The Notion

Are you following the buzz of this season “Bigg Boss 14”? If yes, you would have noticed that there were three twosomes involved this year who stood by the fact that for love, you strive and get it beyond cultural boundaries. The Bollywood industry has played a crucial role in affirming the very thought. We read about their love, their relationship; not their religion. We admire them, praise and appreciate their choices without even giving a blink of a second to the fact that they have chosen somebody out of their ethnicities or beliefs. There have been a number of renowned faces and achievers who have advocated what we are today struggling for. It has always been a part of society, the differences but never before the political standard has taken this entire game on such ruthless and baseless theories. People knew, accepted, and never miscomprehended these distinctive aspects of the prevailing society.

Today’s Canvas

Suddenly, a wave of two notions has come together making an absurd theory out of two completely different parts of the debate. One is Love and the other is Jihad. How come people draw something out of this? Only to give it a political picture. Yes! You heard it right. The former is an emotion that is needed by humans for their survival, Love. The latter is a religious theory in Islamic theology that stands for struggle in the name of God, Jihad.

Now, how come it became political is the question that needs to be answered. India’s ruling party, BJP, and its dictionary defines “Love Jihad” as an agenda to pursue people in a wrong manner and deviate from the correct cause or religion. Several BJP-controlled states are busy developing laws that will make it illegal and punishment leading one behind bars up to ten years in prison. Why? Because the ruling party believes It is a deceptive way to convert vulnerable Hindu girls for a cause that only minorities know.

As the concept may be felt in a country where four out of five are Hindus, it stems from the fear – similar to hypocrisy – that other religions are gaining ground while Hindus are missing out on the opportunities which according to them should not. There is no evidence to support this, other than the naïve assumptions and indiscriminately notions stuck with this entire norm.

“As long as social evil exists, the weak will move to any religion that gives them dignity.”-B.R. Ambedkar.

Social Parameters and their Inhuman Stamps

For a notion like Love Jihad to exist in the first place in society, it is important for an educated normal prevailed Indian to understand how crucial the whole matter is to be taken logically before anything. We chant for perfection, idea society, and a better tomorrow but fail to get into the root cause and entertain our own selves with something that has taken such an immense U-turn, so much so that love and religion are viewed on an equal scale. How disappointing does it sound in the first place?

A society like ours needs to get into the pit to actually calculate where all of this has gone wrong before playing the blame game that we humans are so perfectly made of. Emotions like religion or love should be taken on an individualistic scale and not on a generic. Giving it a political view and promoting it on public podiums and common households are only going to make things worse and would contribute nowhere for the betterment of society. Better society and better tomorrow is a part of today’s change of minds and functioning.

Unity in Diversity

For a country like India where the statistics claim that there are 122 languages, 50 plus ethnicities where we eat, dress, speak, think and react differently. We worship different gods. We celebrate differently. We have 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes. This is exactly where beauty lies and resides. This is how it became one of the largest and leading economies of the world.

An average Indian, dedicated and lover of his homeland would always suggest, want, and entertain the idea of keeping love and religion as totally different aspects and rooms of society where if ones overlap or overshadow the other, we are the ones who need to come at the front foot and fight to immune, protect and preserve our diverse beauty. It is us who need to work each day harder and smarter to make sure that even in such immense diversity, we breathe the same air, smile in the same language, and love with the same emotions without letting religion enter the picture.

This article is written by Nabeel Masood, a student of the Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University Centre Malappuram.

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