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Chinese App Ban: A Step Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat

The Indian government recently banned 118 Chinese apps and the list keeps growing. The government under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act banned all these apps. As per the Indian government, they saw danger as in prejudicial to the sovereignty, security and integrity of India. This was done keeping in mind two perspectives, first being the military lineup in the border of Ladakh by the Chinese army and second being the fear of data breaching, which the Indian government feared was done by these Chinese apps.

The main concern of the government was to keep the sensitive information away from the intruders, as per the sources the government feared that unwanted and sensitive information was being taken by these apps, which was a threat to the security of the people of our country. Better systems were introduced by the government itself to makes the people of our country more protected secure and encrypted. The privacy concern was looked into while banning such apps and in turn benefit to big Indian firms happened.

The apps which were banned including India’s most loved apps like PUBG, Tik-tok, AliExpress and several others, which were very famous among the youth of India, got their Indian replacements in a very short span of time on the Google Play store. From the month of June, 2020 this operation of app ban started in India and it has been very heart breaking and shocking for the consumers of these apps since then. Even though the youth and the country supported the government towards their decision of this ban but a little part in them craved for these apps, after all they were addicted to it.

After this ban new and better opportunities opened to the Indian companies. Made in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat mission, were some of the initiatives by the central government which got their boon from this Chinese app ban. As the people were addicted to these China made apps, as soon as they went out of the Google play market, the Indian companies didn’t leave them waiting to grieve much and made new apps similar to the ones banned. All this led to the better support and growth of the homegrown apps which will in turn help these Indian companies and India to be recognized globally.

Ban of PUBG Mobile was a serious drawback faced by the youth as it was not only a source entertainment but also a source of income for gamers and streamers. YouTube gave a great platform to showcase one’s skills as a PUBG player through streaming and in return they were able to make money and name out of it. Through PUBG mobile Indian gamers went out into the global world of esports to represent India on an international platform. Indian players were gaining a lot of fame and reputation out of PUBG and suddenly the app got banned. A lot of hearts were broken but Indian companies didn’t leave the youth of their country high and dry. As soon as the app got banned new PUBG mobile specially made for India came to existence. Even though this new app is yet to release officially on the Google play market but the excitement is still on peek for the youth all over the country. Indian companies didn’t disappoint its people when they needed them and put up with these times in a much quicker, easier and safer way.

In response to this app ban done by India, which the Chinese government took in a very negative way, they made their armies more alert and real combat ready. They blamed India for the infringement of International law. They did advise the Indian government to rectify their mistake and work together to make each other’s economy better and provide the similar support as was given by India before. The central military commission asked for this type of combat ready training even before the Chinese app ban was done by India. These were first seen in the line of actual combat control in Ladakh and after the apps were banned the army training and combat capability were increased by the Chinese government. The foreign minister of China made a comment regarding all the accusations made by India regarding privacy infringement and sensitive data stealing as “fake” and showed his serious concern regarding so. Towards such remarks the Indian government made it clear that they well informed the Chinese government regarding their concerns and they made sure the Chinese companies knew the rules and regulations of India before publishing such apps. Even after doing so when no improvement was seen, for the security, welfare and protection of legal rights of the people of the country the Indian government banned all the Chinese apps.


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